CNC Department

Our CNC department utilizes Daewoo Brand machines. These machines along with the Gage Maker Mic- Trac Measurement System enables us to hold tight tolerances and insure our customers a good quality product. We also offer turn-key solutions; an example of this is our ATBD Valve. This is an anti-two blocking device used for our cranes.  We manufacture, assemble, and pressure test these devices for our customers.  Give us an opportunity to do the same for your business.

CNC Machines currently used:

  • (3) Puma 240- ideal for small part production runs.  This machine has a 8' Chuck with a 2.625" thru spindle.
  • Puma 280- ideal for both small and medium sized parts.  This machine has a 10' Chuck and offers a 3" thru the spindle.
  • Puma 300- this machine is equipped with a 12" Chuck and offers a 4" thru the spindle
  • (2) Daewoo 4020d Milling Center- X-axis 40", Travel Y-20", Travel Z-24"
  • Daewoo DNM 500 Milling Center X-axis 40", Travel Y-20", Travel Z 24"
  • Puma 400 L 15" Chuck 4" thru spindle
  • Puma 14" Chuck 4" thru spindle